Statera Energy was founded in 2015 - we are a fully integrated developer, owner and operator of flexible infrastructure in the UK.

All projects are developed in-house, managed through their construction and on to operation, where they are overseen by a dedicated asset management team which includes its own industry-leading technical expertise.

Our Vision

As we continue the transition towards a low carbon economy, renewable energy is ever more prominent as the lowest cost form of energy generation for consumers. At the same time renewable energy is helping to ensure energy security for the United Kingdom while providing a cleaner, greener outlook for future generations.
However, with a higher proportion of our energy sourced from renewables, which are intermittent in nature, it is becoming increasingly challenging to balance the UK’s National Grid.
In summer months on bright, windy days it is not uncommon for an excess of electricity to be generated, whereas on cloudy wind-less days in winter months there may be a shortfall. Due to the inherently uncertain nature of renewable power sources, there is an increased demand for flexible capacity to help meet energy balancing requirements of the National Grid. As such, energy storage schemes are becoming an essential part of a modern power grid – and will be vital in the transition to Net Zero.

The Development

Pumped Storage Hydro is the oldest kind of large-scale energy storage and works on a very simple principle – exploiting gravitational potential energy. Two reservoirs – in close proximity to each other but at different heights – are required. At times of peak electricity demand, water stored in the upper reservoir is released to the lower reservoir, flowing through a turbine. This converts the gravitational potential energy of the water into useable electrical energy. At times of low electricity demand, the excess energy on the grid can be used to pump water back to the upper reservoir and stored again until times of high demand. Therefore, in simple terms, a Pumped Storage Hydro project is effectively a big battery, connected to the electricity grid.
Scotland has the UK’s highest mountains and largest inland lochs. This combined with high rainfall makes Scotland an excellent location for Pumped Storage Hydro.

We are proposing to build and operate a new 600 MW Pumped Storage Hydro scheme using the existing Loch Kemp as the upper storage reservoir and Loch Ness as the lower reservoir.

Through the development of Pumped Storage Hydro Loch Ness presents a real opportunity to help significantly lower carbon emissions and manage the country’s electricity system on the route to Net Zero. The proposed scheme has the potential to supply clean electricity for up to 300,000 homes.


The Numbers Speak For Themselves


Total yearly generation


Reduction in CO2 emissions


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