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Loch Kemp Storage

Harnessing the Highlands’ natural landscape and heritage to provide energy flexibility and security

Loch Kemp Storage will draw on the Highlands’ natural landscape and engineering heritage to store energy at scale.

Scotland has the UK’s highest mountain and largest inland lochs. This, combined with high rainfall, makes the Scottish Highlands an excellent location for pumped storage hydro. 

Pumped storage hydro is the oldest form of large-scale energy storage and works by using geographical features to store energy as raised water. 

Loch Kemp Storage will be able to store and generate up to 600MW of energy, using excess electricity produced by renewables to help balance the UK National Grid. Pumped storage hydro provides the grid with accessible medium-duration energy storage.

Pumped storage hydro capacity will play an essential role in the journey towards Net Zero, and Loch Kemp Storage provides an opportunity to invest in the long-term environmental management of the area.

Why is the project needed?
Loch Kemp site map.
600MW Capacity
15HR Duration
1Million Homes Powered


Harnessing Scotland's natural landscape to provide 600MW of low carbon pumped storage hydro capacity

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Increasing energy security, reducing future energy costs and enabling Net Zero

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Developing skills and creating generational local employment in construction and operation

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Investing in the conservation and regeneration of unique biodiversity over the project lifetime

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Opening the powerhouse to visitors, growing the tourist economy and raising awareness of Net Zero

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Pumped Hydro Storage


Pumped storage hydro is key to the UK's Net Zero transition

Pumped storage hydro is a proven zero carbon technology for providing accessible medium-duration energy storage. At times of peak demand, water in an upper reservoir is released to a lower reservoir and flows through a hydro turbine, generating electricity. When demand is low, excess energy on the grid is used to pump water back to the upper reservoir.
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On the shores of Loch Ness

The Proposed Development site is located on the southern shores of Loch Ness, between Fort Augustus and Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The pumped storage hydro technology would use the existing Loch Kemp as the upper reservoir and Loch Ness as the lower reservoir.

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Loch Kemp Storage.

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Who is Statera?

Statera is a UK-based energy company that develops, owns and operates flexible generation, battery storage, pumped storage hydro and green hydrogen projects which will all provide critical grid balancing support in a future renewables-led system.

These assets will help the UK build more renewable energy, more quickly, by providing the flexible capacity needed to balance the future grid during periods of extended shortfalls and excesses in renewable generation, due to the variability of wind and solar output. In turn, this technology will lower carbon emissions and deliver best value for energy users.
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